In-Home Services

Powers Hauswald provides in-home therapy services in English, Spanish, and French for children and adults of all ages and capacities. She uses a variety of skilled interventions supported by research in her sessions that are specifically tailored to her clients’ needs. Powers believes that forming a trusting relationship with her clients and their families increases the prognosis for all speech and language delays, and she does not hesitate to go above and beyond to see that her clients meet their therapy goals.

In addition, Powers offers the following services upon request:

Free 1-Hour Consultation

Powers offers one free phone consultation to anyone who is interested in or feels the need to seek speech and language services for themselves or others. She believes this is an extremely important opportunity to educate families and individuals on a variety of topics related to her field, and to also answer questions regarding whether or not a speech and language evaluation is necessary or recommended based on the information provided. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!

Comprehensive Evaluations

In order to assess what may be causing certain speech and language delays, Powers administers a comprehensive evaluation for each client. She collects case history information along with any other pertinent details to gain insight into each client’s background. Then she carefully chooses evaluation materials based on the concerns of the individual, family, healthcare provider, teacher, or other therapist. Once the evaluation is completed, Powers can then develop a plan for functional therapy goals and outcomes that fit her clients’ needs and abilities.

Parent and Caregiver Training

Powers believes that her clients make the most progress when their families and caregivers are educated and aware. This is why Powers works very closely with those in her clients’ communication circle so that there is a carryover of skills learned within the therapy sessions into the real world. Powers provides functional tasks and examples to aid the parents and caregivers to implement these skills at home for increased practice and learning. She is also available to collaborate with her clients’ teachers, health professionals, and other therapists to create a team of providers who are all working towards a similar goal: progress.